Various information about me, the site, what I do and some of the things I have done.


When not studying I sometimes spend my free time working on various side projects, or read up on topics I find interesting.

I have worked on projects which has included everything from system programming, emulation, hardware / FPGAs and graphics programming. I also have experience with more high level abstracted environments like web and mobile development.



My primary system is an AMD workstation I built a few years back when Ryzen was new. I picked AMD due to the good price at the time and the great drivers for Linux1.

I have also started collecting Thinkpads for use when I am on the go. I have been unable to find anything that can match their reliability and support.


How I do my computing has evolved over the last years. For a while now, I have used NixOS as my primary operating system. I prefer NixOS due to its unique features like declarative configuration, reproducible builds2 and atomic upgrades.


The site is built using a custom static site generator named Nuko, written in Rust. The biggest difference with Nuko compared to other generators is that its page format is Org files instead of Markdown or plain HTML documents.


I have tried to design this site to be as accessible as possible for everyone3. If you have any suggestions or concerns about the site or content feel free to contact me.


All posts written or created by me for this site is under the Creative Commons: Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Content which is produced by or quoted from an external source may not be covered by this license.


  1. There are multiple drivers for AMD GPUs on Linux. Including Mesa with RADV and RadeonSI; and AMDVLK an open source Vulkan driver made by AMD.

  2. Reproducible builds can only currently be achieved if you pin the version, this will change shortly with nix flakes.

  3. People with a disability like visual impairment, to people who have chosen to disable JavaScript or is accessing the site through alternative web browsers.